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Fluke is just three weeks away!  I’ll be tabling there with some other awesome SCAD students and an awesome Twin Cities cartoonist.

Excited to be at Fluke tomorrow, in Athens, Georgia! I’ll have minis, screen prints, and even a couple Sleep of Reason copies.

Really I’m excited to be anywhere that isn’t an airport, right now.

Some button designs. Trying to prep for the couple cons I’m going to this spring.

I’ve been doing FAMIB for 13 years as of today. And now that I’ve finished coloring this, I’m going to go start inking Friday’s page.

Tomorrow (today, I guess) is the thirteenth anniversary of starting my webcomic FAMIB, so I decided to do a quick illustration and I took some progress screenshots along the way.

Ran out of time, though, so coloring it will wait till tomorrow night.

There, colored FAMIB gender-swapped lifeguard AU.

Have I mentioned how much I like coloring things in Manga Studio 5? ‘Cause I do.

FAMIB gender-swap life guard AU!

Quickly sketched late last night after Kate brought it up on twitter. Will color this later.

I threw out eye and hair color as ‘basic’ things, but thinking about it now, genes in the FAMIB world would be a lot more complicated due to a wider range of natural colors. In real life, there is evidence for around 16 different genes that can factor into eye color expression, but when you throw in pigmentation possibilities that could also produce orange or fuchsia, yeah, probably not that basic.

And then there’s the ethical issues that would arise, too. So, probably not exploring this kind of thing in the comic proper, any time soon.

I said I wasn’t going to do a WBW on Twitter this morning, but I guess I lied. I’ve run out of submitted questions, so here’s a random thing about Narancs.

Past FAMIB World Building Wednesdays

If you’ve got other questions, send them my way.

Reminding myself how to draw Deer Prince. He’s not complex, but got to remember to keep that consistency with his proportions.

It’s goblin week. I think this is a goblin…? Or maybe a salamander.

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